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Working From Home



It’s as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Email or call/text us to set up an evaluation.

  2. Email or fax medical records to Physio Northwest and complete the intake form sent to your email address.

  3. Be available at the scheduled time. For telemedicine, a link will be sent to your email.



Physio Northwest accepts Medicare and is in network for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Regence. We accept car insurances and are out-of-network with other insurance companies. Physio Northwest accepts cash payment due at time of service.


Evaluations last 30-90 minutes. During the evaluation we will examine impairments and how this affects your function. We will develop a plan for how to address your goals.

Ongoing Treatment

Treatments occur in the home setting, either via telemedicine or the therapist in the home. Treatments last 30-80 minutes. Commonly 1-12 visits are necessary to achieve your goals.

Billed in 15 minute increments,

Mobile PT

Mobile PT refers to outpatient PT in the home. We come to you. Travel for mobile PT is 15 miles or less from our home office in Buckley, Washington. Travel 15-25 miles incurs a $50. Travel greater than 15 miles is not optional for clients with Medicare.


Telemedicine is therapy over video conference between the therapist and the client. You must be located in Washington State. If you live greater than 15-25 miles from our home office, telemedicine is the best option. If you are seeking the expert care Physio Northwest offers, we can work in conjunction with your local therapist.

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