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Recommended products are for clients and providers  in search of quality items for neurologic and vestibular rehabilitation.

I use this at home every week for balance and stability training. It is lightweight, can slide under a couch, and stays inflated for ages (years??). It is one of the cheapest options for a balance device at home. It is not easy to stand on though. If your balance is more challenged, the Airex is a better choice.

disc stability.jpg

There is no better ice pack. I buy these and keep them in every freezer so they are at the ready. Ice and heat are such underrated modalities for pain. Colpac is soft and moldable and so much better than frozen peas!

ice pack.jpg

My number 1 most recommended product for clients in vestibular rehab. If you have a vestibular disorder, you need this product. There aren't really other products as good as the Airex and you will never need to buy another balance pad. Airex is so durable! You will see this in every balance clinic around the US.


TENS is a simple modality for chronic pain. This is the model we have used in clinic for 10 years.


Shoulder pulleys are great for improving pain-free shoulder movement or for using one arm to improve range of motion in the opposite arm.


Taking daily blood pressure is important for anyone with a history of stroke. Taking blood pressure in the wrist is not always accurate. Omron makes several blood pressure cuffs, but I recommend one that uses the upper arm (this is model BP7250). Make sure you select one that will fit your upper arm circumference (this one fits 9-17").

bp fuff.jpg

This treadmill goes from 0.5 mph to 3.7 mph so it excellent for people with slower gait speeds. Most treadmills start at 1.0 mph. This is easily moved around in small spaces. Number of steps is one of the most important factors for gait training and the benefits of walking are countless --- boosting the immune system, strengthening, improved cardiorespiratory fitness, decreased back pain, better mood, etc. I recommend a firm mat underneath for stability and performance.

sunny treadmill.jpg

I use this all the time! This is the way to get a massage at home, especially during the pandemic. It can hit any specific area on your body but I tend to sit on the couch for 15 minutes and do every muscle. It is excellent for knots in your thighs and around your neck and shoulders for tension.


There are numerous heart rate monitors and pulse oximeters on the market. Apple has created the most accurate product for HR, Sp02, and steps. The others do all right and are often cheaper, but if you want the best measurement, Apple watch is the one to get. The new series does oxygen saturation too! And you can swim with it.

apple watch.jpg

For vestibular rehab and cervicogenic dizziness, we often prescribe strengthening of the cervical muscles. We use a headlamp with a laser to work the muscles for endurance. The light is inexpensive and has the laser attached.


We recommend agility ladders for people with Parkinson's Disease and people who are working on their balance and the ability to move their feet quickly. They help immensely with single leg balance. They are portable and easy to set up.


Therabands or stretchy bands for exercise work well in certain situations. Talk to your therapist if bands or free weights are better.

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